NatureBond Silicone Breastmilk Saver

Awards Winning & Voted #1 Mum's Favourite


Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017

Gold Award For Manual Breast Pump

#1 Mummies' Choice Silicone Breastmilk Pump


International Certifications

Lab tested and Certified by Bureau Veritas, a World Leader in Testing, Inspection & Certification

Certified free of BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead. 100% Food Grade High Quality Silicone material and U.S. FDA approved.

Hygenic and Premium Quality Product sealed in Air-Tight Vacuum Packaging.


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This is an amazing product ! I had seen a lot of mom's posting raving reviews about this and had to try it. I am so happy with this purchase that I am buying 2 more. I use this while nursing or pumping and usually catch 4 Oz a side. It's very soft silicone, has great suction but not painful. Easy to clean, fits in my sterilizer and can go in my diaper bag or purse. I would definitely recommend this to other moms in a heart beat!!!

Christine, USA

Great for engorged breasts! Gentle suction action is great for engorged breasts. My manual Medela hurt on engorged breasts, but NatureBond did not. I also use this product to catch milk that expels out of the breast that the baby is not nursing from.

A. Harper, USA

Must have nursing product!! Wow I'm impressed!! Was directed to this product by some mummy friends as I have been struggling with my existing pump to get an oz out of both boobs but omg got this little beauty attached while lg was feeding and got 3 oz straight out in less than 5mins. Wish I'd known about this sooner!! So easy to use, clean etc and a carry pouch too. Bargain price extremely pleased 😀

Pearson, UK

Love this pump!! I feed baby in one side and I can collect up to 3 oz on other breast! It's soft and very easy to take with me everywhere!

Cindy Rosas, UK

It's a MUST HAVE for any breastfeeding mom!
My friend originally recommended me this product 2 months back and I for some reason procrastinated getting one, mainly because I already have a rental Medela pump at home, and I suspected that it would be awkward using this silicon pump while breastfeeding.
But after having few mastitis and hoping this pump could help clear the breast lines a bit instead of having too much milk stucked at the non-feeding-side during letdown reflex. I finally decided to give it a try and bought 2.
It works like a magic! I can easily collect milk from one side of the breast while feeding my son on the other side.
I collect more milk after each feeding session.
Bought 4 additionals afterward so I can use it at each feeding session without washing them too frequent!

Asura, Canada

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