NatureBond Disposable Nursing Pads - Ultra Thin and Light

NatureBond Disposable Nursing Breast Pads - 100 Pcs (NEW)

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  • Ultra-Light, Super Thin and Highly Absorbent Nursing Pads. 100 Pcs of Yr 2019 Next Gen Pads. As light as a feather, NatureBond pads are thin and discreet that only moms know they are wearing them. A must-have nursing pads for moms for all occasions. Perfect for moms fitting on workout/gym outfits and evening/night gowns where you do not wish your bra to look bulky or pointy.
  • World’s Thinnest Quick Hyrdro Honey Comb Quilted Lining Patented design. USA FDA approved. Quick Hyrdro blue layer allows quick absorption of liquid. Paired with Honey Comb Quilted lining, NatureBond pads absorb liquid up to 40x of its weight.
  • Surface area is 10% larger than average disposable nursing pads and has a contoured shape that cups our breast comfortably.
  • Every nursing pad comes with 2 adhesive strips to ensure they stay in place in breastfeeding bras or nursing tops. Individually sealed in waterproof wrapper for moms to bring it outdoors, keeping them clean and dry.