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Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

Developed by NatureBond - endorsed by millions of moms through their maternity and breastfeeding journey.

  • Ultra Thin & Breathable: Less than 1mm thickness & 4g of weight, 12.4cm / 4.88 in diameter. 10x wider than other breast pads. It's light & thin, but absorbs up to 40x its weight. The most efficient & effective Ultra Thin nursing pads you can find.
  • No more leaks with Quick Hydro technology and quilted honeycomb grid. Fast absorption & fast dry keeping you comfortable & confident. Quick Hydro is an innovative technology from Japan that ensures fast & even absorption for breastfeeding mums.
  • Contoured for great fit, 2 adhesive strips to keep it secure when you’re on-the-move. 12.4cm / 4.88 in wide, stays firmly on maternity bras and barely noticeable, allowing mothers to move freely without worries!
  • Individually wrapped in waterproof wrapper for optimal hygiene, it's so thin it barely takes up any space in your bag! A breakthrough from bulky pads. Great for traveling mums.

Ultra-Light, Super Thin and Highly Absorbent Nursing Pads